After Pregnancy or Surgery Hair Loss 


During pregnancy, due to a series of hormonal variations, the life cycle of the hair changes: the active phase of the follicles (anagen phase) is substantially lengthened and this is why the hair looks beautiful, robust and the hair is thick and bright. After the birth, the life cycle of the hair resumes its correct and normal functioning; all the hair, now dead and retained that should have fallen in the previous months, falls out simultaneously causing areas of thinning and a lot of discomfort. Of course, even if this abnormal fall is reversible, it is advisable to help the growth and quality of new hair.

Hairloss Specific Treatment

Androgenetic Hair Loss Aging Alopecia Areata Post-Pregnancy Seasonal

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Advanced Mineralizing Lotion

10 phials 10 ml // 0.3 FL OZ each
Specific mineralizing lotion for treating hair. Including the most precious mineral salts it stimulates the keratin

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Fortifying Hair Lotion

10 phials 5 ml // 0.15 FL OZ each
Fortifying hair lotion preventing and opposing the uniform and diffused hair losses caused by nutritional deficiencies of body hair on thin, fragile and weak hair.

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Fortifying Shampoo

Specific shampoo for cleansing and treating weak hair. It contains natural active principles that restructure the hair. Copper and zinc gluconate, wheat germ extracts and lipoaminoacids, herbal proteins: the most effective teamwork for your hair!

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Prolonged medical treatments including particular drugs can cause hair loss as a side effect, because their action involving healthy cells, hair follicles and hair too.
In such cases, hair usually starts...