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Wellness and Beauty are the result of all those small details, those precious ingredients and that special "know-how", which make great the excellence and true the cosmetic quality.

Since 1961, in fact, ESTEREL believes that a quality choice is not in the price or in a special discount, but in the efficacy of the formulas and in all these prestigious cosmetics, 100% Made in Italy, "old times made" with dedication, competence and lots of love.

That's why, in this special section of our glamourous Beauty Store you can find a specific selection of some ESTEREL products at a nice price, offering to those who still do not know them the opportunity to discover innovative and excellent cosmetics. For those, however, are already using the selected products this will be a wonderful opportunity to meet some "old friend".

Till May 26th (Italian Time): 15% Off on the New Solutions and Free Shipping for Orders above €69.

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51,00 € 60,00 € -15%

Lightening Complex

Bottle 30 ml 1 FL. OZ

Intensive Whitening Serum to effectively treat cases of hyper-pigmentation, dull and uneven skin. It prevents and favors the progressive attenuation of dark spots with its intensive moisturizing and nourishing action...

31,11 € 36,60 € -15%

Thermal Face & Body Mask

Jar 400 ml NET WT. 13.5 OZ.
Mineral-enriched mud mask particularly designed for sensitive skin. It energizes and nourishes skin cells on face and body. Special absorbing action unclogs pores, eliminates dead skin cells and detoxifies impurities. Skin...

17,85 € 21,00 € -15%

Conditioning & Protective Mousse

Style Conditioning Foam for voluminous and bright hairstyles. It performs an effective detangling and repairing action, protecting the stems from aging and dehydration also due to the heat of hair dryers, irons or other drying tools.

17,85 € 21,00 € -15%

Amplifying Mousse

Curl Amplifying Mousse to boost fine, thin hair and help form curls. Restores waves and new vitality to the hair. An authentic booster that enhances the elasticity of curly hair to exalt its beauty and give structure to the hairstyle. Its effective anti-frizz action...