Styling & Finishing [NEW!] 

Hair Style: health care.

Styling Gel, Foam, Hair Spray or BB Cream? Extra hold, medium or light? Pick the right hair styling product for your hair and exalt your look: the new Melodie Red Style Collection is a full range of professional products that care and inhance the natural beauty of your headset. Play with them and be thrilled by the styling effects you can get! No SLS/SLES - No Parabens - No Dyes - No Silicones.

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11,90 €

Lychee Hair Styling

Anti-Oxidant and protective hair gel for a modern style, preventing and reducing free radicals.

15,00 € 19,00 €

Dry Effect Hair Gel

Extra Fixing Gel.

19,00 €

Light Effect Hair Cream

Anti-Frizz and Styling Cream, to give moisture and softness to the hair, for a special protection against heat and brushing.

19,00 €

Split Effect Hair Paste

Hair Styling Paste for a new and artistic look.

19,00 €

Style Boosting Mousse

Natural Styling Mousse to add volume and light texture to the hair.

19,00 €

Style Repairing Mousse

Natural Styling Mousse to add volume and light texture to the hair.

16,15 € 19,00 € -15%

Precise Fixing Spray

Revolutionary hair spray for a strong and long lasting hold that makes the hair bright, beautiful and easy to style.

19,00 €

Shine Smooth Lotion

Conditioning & Thermoactive Hair Water Lotion to protect and feed the hair during styling and combing.

19,00 €

Hair Body Crafter

Hair Filler Lotion that gives shape and movement to the hair, for a stronger and long-lasting look.

21,00 €

Conditioning & Protective Mousse

Style Conditioning Foam for voluminous and bright hairstyles. It performs an effective detangling and repairing action, protecting the stems from aging and dehydration also due to the heat of hair dryers, irons or other drying tools.

21,00 €

Amplifying Mousse

Curl Amplifying Mousse to boost fine, thin hair and help form curls. Restores waves and new vitality to the hair. An authentic booster that enhances the elasticity of curly hair to exalt its beauty and give structure to the hairstyle. Its effective anti-frizz action...