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Hair Loss Energizing Lotion

10 phials 10 ml // 0.3 FL OZ each
The most advanced Lotion for preventing and treating hair loss. Hair-bulb receives normalizing and reinforcing substances. With its high concentrated natural ingredients and including a special patented vegetal...

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Restoring and Repairing Fluid

Bottle 100ml 3.3 FL. OZ.
Intensive restoring and repairing treatment. Its formula, rich and innovative, assures to the product protective, nourishing and rejuvenating properties. With a delicate texture, exotically scented.

17,20 €

Delicate Shining Conditioner

Bottle 250 ml 8.4 FL. OZ.
Cornflower and chamomile natural extracts ensure bright and healthy looking hair after using this superior quality hair cream.

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Vitality Hair Brightening Cream

Bottle 200 ml 6.7 FL. OZ.
Results: it regenerates and repairs the hair fiber, giving softness, silkiness and instant shine to the hair.

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Anti-Dandruff Foam

Bottle 125 ml 4.2 FL. OZ.
Daily Treatment Foam for Dandruff, with no rinse and for all the types of dandruff, oily and dry.

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Anti-Dandruff Purifying Shampoo

Bottle 260 ml 9 FL. OZ.
Innovative antidandruff shampoo with a revolutionary formula based on Octopirox active principle normalizing the cellular turnover and the scalp health, effectively treating dandruff for long lasting benefits.

29,20 €

Nourishing Long Hair Serum

Bottle 30 ml 1 FL. OZ.
Specific nourishing and shining treatment for hair with split ends.

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Lychee Hair Styling

Anti-Oxidant and protective hair gel for a modern style, preventing and reducing free radicals.

19,00 €

Light Effect Hair Cream

Anti-Frizz and Styling Cream, to give moisture and softness to the hair, for a special protection against heat and brushing.

19,00 €

Style Boosting Mousse

Natural Styling Mousse to add volume and light texture to the hair.

19,00 €

Precise Fixing Spray

Revolutionary hair spray for a strong and long lasting hold that makes the hair bright, beautiful and easy to style.

18,60 €

Deodorizing Conditioning Cream

Bottle 250 ml 8.4 FL. OZ.
Deodorant conditioning cream formulated for absorbing any chemical smell of treatments such coloring and permanent.

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Every Day Tender Shampoo

Bottle 260 ml 9 FL. OZ.
Shampoo for daily and frequent use, with volumizing and protective effects.

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Re-Equilibrating Mask

Bottle 250 ml 8.4 FL. OZ.
Mask treating hair and scalp with an excessive and irregular perspiration. It counteracts the lactic acid negative action on scalp and hair, eliminating itch and perspiration for cleaned and fresh hair.

24,00 €

Hair Brightening Volumizer

Bottle 50ml 1.6 FL. OZ.
Results: re-denser and repairing serum, giving softness, silkiness and shine to the hair and quickly restoring tone and structure. For all hair types, specific for thin and damaged hair.

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Hair Nourishing Oil

Bottle 100 ml 3.3 FL. OZ.
Its sublime formula revitalizes, nourishes and repairs hair against sun and free radicals.

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Dry Effect Hair Gel

Extra Fixing Gel.

19,00 €

Split Effect Hair Paste

Hair Styling Paste for a new and artistic look.

19,00 €

Style Repairing Mousse

Natural Styling Mousse to add volume and light texture to the hair.

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Shine Smooth Lotion

Conditioning & Thermoactive Hair Water Lotion to protect and feed the hair during styling and combing.

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Purifying Lotion for Dry/Oily Hair

10 phials 10 ml // 0.3 FL OZ each
Antidandruff Lotion for dry and oily hair, for treating dandruff on normal, oily or dehydrated scalp.

24,20 €

Baume Eclat Capillaire

Soothing No Rinse Conditioner
Bottle 250 ml 8.4 FL. OZ.
Powerful conditioning mask containing wheat germ, macadamia, chamomile and cornflower extracts.

29,10 €

Hair Loss Energizing Shampoo

Bottle 260 ml 9 FL. OZ.
Specific shampoo for preventing hair-loss and treating seborrhea. Thanks to its special surfactant ontaining lipoproteins it normalizes the sebaceous secretion and combats effectively the action of enzyme 5 Alpha Reductase,...