Dry Hair 

Dry hair are dull and poor of the proper sebaceous elements, such as to be inelegant and brittle. ESTEREL developed specific treatments to gently cleanse the hair, restoring the right nourishment for a new natural beauty of scalp and stems.

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25,00 €

Baume Eclat Capillaire

Soothing No Rinse Conditioner
Bottle 250 ml 8.4 FL. OZ.
Powerful conditioning mask containing wheat germ, macadamia, chamomile and cornflower extracts.

33,00 €

Box Programme Renforçant Cheveux

4 SEASONS Treatment: REVITALIZING and STRENGHTENING Kit. Shampoo + Lotion
Bottle 210+55ml 7.4+1.9 FL. OZ

71,00 €

Restoring Hair/Skin Gel

Jar 1000 ml NET WT. 35 OZ.
Thermal gel for the preparation of the exclusive OSMOTIQUE MASK ESTÉREL, in synergy with the OSMOTIQUE THERMAL LOTION ESTÉREL, and for AROMATIC BIO-MASKS ESTÉREL when mixed with the PHYTO SYNERGIE Essential Oils. Recommended for...

16,00 €

Re-Equilibrating Shampoo

Bottle 260 ml 9 FL. OZ.
Tender shampoo for dry and fragile hair.

12,48 € 16,00 € -22%

Sweet Cleanser

Rejuvenating Shower-Shampoo.

18,00 €

Hair Nourishing Oil

Bottle 100 ml 3.3 FL. OZ.
Its sublime formula revitalizes, nourishes and repairs hair against sun and free radicals.

16,00 €

Smooth Conditioner

Bottle 180 ml 6.1 FL. OZ.
Recovery Baume-Mask.
Its delicate formula helps to restore hair weakened by sun, wind, salt water, chlorine and stress.

18,00 €

Hair Life Serum

Bottle 100 ml 3.3 FL. OZ.
Vitality Protective Lotion to refresh and shine the hair against UV rays, free radicals and stress.

23,00 €

Restoring and Repairing Fluid

Bottle 100ml 3.3 FL. OZ.
Intensive restoring and repairing treatment. Its formula, rich and innovative, assures to the product protective, nourishing and rejuvenating properties. With a delicate texture, exotically scented.

50,00 €

Restoring Hair/Skin Lotion

10 phials 5 ml // 0.15 FL OZ each
Thermal lotion with sea salts, ideal for the preparation of the exclusive OSMOTIQUE MASK ESTÉREL, in synergy with OSMOTIQUE THERMAL GEL ESTÉREL.
It has an anti-aging, mineralizing, and highly moisturizing effect...

20,00 €

After-Shampoo Milk

Bottle 150 ml 5 FL. OZ.

After-Shampoo Milk recommended for thin, fragile, dry and dull hair.