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ESTEREL believes that a conditioner must be sweet, nourishing, silky and effective. This is the way your conditioner has to be for the hair care. The ESTEREL conditioners range is precious and full of beauty solutions: pick "the one" for you!

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18,00 €

Delicate Shining Conditioner

Bottle 250 ml 8.4 FL. OZ.
Cornflower and chamomile natural extracts ensure bright and healthy looking hair after using this superior quality hair cream.

19,00 €

Deodorizing Conditioning Cream

Bottle 250 ml 8.4 FL. OZ.
Deodorant conditioning cream formulated for absorbing any chemical smell of treatments such coloring and permanent.

25,00 €

Baume Eclat Capillaire

Soothing No Rinse Conditioner
Bottle 250 ml 8.4 FL. OZ.
Powerful conditioning mask containing wheat germ, macadamia, chamomile and cornflower extracts.

16,00 €

Smooth Conditioner

Bottle 180 ml 6.1 FL. OZ.
Recovery Baume-Mask.
Its delicate formula helps to restore hair weakened by sun, wind, salt water, chlorine and stress.

20,00 €

After-Shampoo Milk

Bottle 150 ml 5 FL. OZ.

After-Shampoo Milk recommended for thin, fragile, dry and dull hair. 

23,00 €


Bottle 200 ml 6.8 FL. OZ.
Smoothing and No-Frizz Conditioner that protects and repairs damaged frizzy hair with dye, méches, and split ends.

The constant and repeated use of the product increases and prolongs the smooth...