Cellulite 0

Cinnamon Detox Gel

EXFOLIATING and DETOX TREATMENT: the 'fast-acting' cellulite solution. Recommended to prevent and treat the first stage of cellulite, STEP ZERO, for taking care of the intoxicated skin tissue.

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Its intense exfoliating and detoxifying action makes the skin soft and silky.
The active herbal ingredients included in formula and the pleasant cinnamon aroma exalt the smooth hydro-gel texture.
No preservatives. No synthetic fragrances. No chemical dyes.


Apply on skin with a gentle massage and wrap with a light cover. Leave for 10 minutes before rinsing, eventually with the HOT TOWELS technique.

Data sheet

Specific CareCellulite Molle o Edematosa
Effects and BenefitsDetox
LineSpa Prestige
RatingNew Solution
Size300 ml

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