Mousse Antipellicules

Anti-Dandruff Foam

Bottle 125 ml 4.2 FL. OZ.
Daily Treatment Foam for Dandruff, with no rinse and for all the types of dandruff, oily and dry.

26,00 €

It eliminates the dandruff flakes, it normalizes the hydration and sebum levels on the scalp and reduces the proliferation of the micro-organisms with long lasting effects.
An innovative solution for all types of dandruff.


Distribute a small quantity of foam on whole scalp. Apply it 1 time a day for at least 15 days, on dry and wet hair. After the use it is possible to apply any styling product on hair (gel, hairspray, etc.).

The INCI product formula is enriched with:

  • bisabolol
  • panthenol
  • piroctone olamine
  • maidenhair fern
  • henna and bucco extracts

This cosmetic is formulated without:

  • parabens
  • cessories formaldehyde
  • silicones
  • paraffins
  • chelating synthesis
  • acrylates
  • dyes

Data sheet

Specific CareOily Dandruff Hair
Effects and BenefitsDeep Cleansing
LinePurifiant Pellicules
Size125 ml

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