Antipelliculaire Gras 10 fiale

Purifying Lotion for Oily Hair

10 phials 10 ml // 0.3 FL OZ each
Antidandruff Lotion for oily hair, treating dandruff with large, accumulated and persistent scales on a scalp with seborrhea, eventually including itch or irritation.

51,00 €

Its soothing and astringent formula successfully treats dandruff and balances exfoliation and sebaceous secretion.


After cleansing with shampoo Phyto Action Purifiant +, uniformly share an ampoule on scalp. Leave on a few minutes and dry without rinsing. Apply 1/2 times per week.

The INCI product formula is enriched with:

  • hexamidine disethionate
  • hydrolyzed yeast protein
  • B vitamins (niacinamide, panthenol, pyridoxine)
  • allantoin
  • biotin
  • fruit acids (sodium lactate, glycolic acid, sodium citrate, malic acid, tartaric acid)

This cosmetic is formulated without:

  • preservatives
  • silicones
  • paraffins
  • chelating synthesis
  • acrylates
  • dyes
  • fragrances

Data sheet

Specific CareOily Dandruff Hair
Effects and BenefitsDeep Cleansing
LinePurifiant Pellicules
Sizefiale da 10ml

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