Shampoo Exfoliant

Purifying Shampoo

Bottle 260 ml 9 FL. OZ.
Soothing peeling shampoo for deeply removing impurities (death cells, dandruff, sebum excess) from hair and scalp.

30,00 €

Its special mask-formula containing peat mud, Beta-hydroxy acids, corn oil and capryloil glycine, prevents irritations and redness, removing itches and ensuring a pleasant freshness sensation on scalp.
The regular use once a month ensures the best assimilation of the active principles contained in the after that performed specific treatments. For the pleasure of having healthy hair.


Shake before use. Apply 15/20 ml shampoo on wet hair and gently massage. Rinse after a few minutes. This shampoo/mask does not make a real foam but a delicate cleansing cream.

The INCI product formula is enriched with:

  • helmoor clay
  • salicylic acid
  • corn oil
  • glycine
  • vitamin E

This cosmetic is formulated without:

  • preservatives
  • silicones
  • paraffins
  • chelating synthesis
  • acrylates
  • dyes

Data sheet

Specific CareDry Dandruff Hair
Effects and BenefitsDeep Cleansing
LinePhyto Affinant
Size250 ml

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