Springtime Face Care

Your face wake-up starts with a new Springtime Care especially designed FOR YOU by ESTEREL: cleanse your skin with Éclat Tendre, tonify face with Eau Rosée and hydrate the skin with Hydroactive.
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94,60 €

88,90 €

Save: 5,70 €

1 Face Cleansing Milk: Éclat Tendre

Pureness and hydration.

2 Face Tonic Lotion: Eau Rosée

Comfort and vitality.

3 Face Hydrating Cream: Hydroactive

Multitasking solution: excellent before make up and perfect for a delicate hydration.

Data sheet

When use itDay
Specific CareMixed Skin
Effects and BenefitsPurifying
Gift ideafor Her
Ideal forFace care

All ESTEREL products are ISO certifìed:

Pack content

1 x

23,80 €

Face Water Lotion

Tonic Lotion with No Alcohol, formulated with moisturizing benefits for dry, dehydrated or very delicate skin. Regenerating and refreshing the skin it is excellent for removing the makeup remains.

1 x

32,40 €

Face Gentle Cleanser

Cleansing Milk for face, neck and neckline, suitable for women and men. Best for removing the makeup remains. The constant use of this milk makes skin bright and soft with its refreshing and soothing benefits.

1 x

43,10 €

Day Face Cream

Day Moisturizing Cream with hydrating and anti-aging benefits for women and men skin. Best for preserving the perfect skin conditions of hydration, brightness and freshness. Excellent base for make-up.

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