Action Pro-Capillaire 10 Ampoules

Hair Loss Energizing Lotion

10 phials 10 ml // 0.3 FL OZ each
The most advanced Lotion for preventing and treating hair loss. Hair-bulb receives normalizing and reinforcing substances. With its high concentrated natural ingredients and including a special patented vegetal synergy it treats effectively the action of enzyme 5 Alpha Reductase, whose abnormal activity causes the excessive hair loss.

106,00 €

A powerful mix of nourishing substances stimulating hair growth and improving stability. The regular use of
LOTION ACTION PROCAPILLAIRE makes hair stronger and resistant improving its volume.


Distribute uniformly the ampoule content on wet hair and scalp. Massage smoothly. DO NOT RINSE. During the first two weeks apply an ampoule every 2/3 days. Later applying it once a week. In case of critical cases it is recommended an intensive treatment with a daily application during at least two months.

The INCI product formula is enriched with:

  • corn extract
  • apigenin (flavonoid extracted from lemon)
  • oleanolic acid (extracted from d 'olive leaf)
  • matrikina added vitamins
  • hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans

This cosmetic is formulated without:

  • parabens
  • thiazolinoni
  • cessories formaldehyde
  • silicones
  • paraffins
  • dyes
  • fragrances

Data sheet

Specific CareIntensive Hair Loss Treatment
Effects and BenefitsHair Thickening
LineVigueur Phyto 5-Alfa
RatingBest Seller

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