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PROMO SPECIAL - A kit to guarantee 100% natural total protection, cleanse, protect, sanitize and purify your hands! A set of Cosmetics ideal for use both outside the home (even in the absence of soap and water after touching, surfaces, products, money or...

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PROMO SPECIAL PRICE - Beauty treatments specific for hair and scalp with abnormal sweating and to strengthen fine or weakened hair. Give Phase two to your hair to counteract the signs of tiredness and sedentary life, stress and pollutants in indoor or...

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PROMO SPECIAL -10€ - Ideal beauty treatment for detoxification and exfoliation of the whole body:

- counteracts the signs of tiredness and accumulation of toxins often due to poor movement and sedentary life;
- reactivates cell awakening by...

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PROMO SPECIAL -€10 - A Beauty Routine suitable to better face Spring and the beginning of Summer. To revive your beauty by preventing the imperfections due to external aggressions or harmful agents due to a long stay in closed environments. Rediscover...

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Oily Skin Lotion

Bottle 30 ml // 1 FL OZ
Oily lotion for periodic intensive treatments with immediate results on dry or extremely dehydrated skin. Studied for protecting skin from wind and cold.