Energy Fluid

Heating Sports Fluid

Smoothing fluid, for oxigenating tissues and stimulating blood circulation, skilled for warming muscles and ligaments before training.

16,00 €

RESULTS: Applied before training, the fluid controls and moderates the release of lactic acid; meanwhile, it warms muscles for reducing the risk of injuries in the start-up phase, especially with low temperatures. The heat feeling confirms the healthy process.

PROPERTIES: Recommended for sportspeople before training. Enriched with LYSINE ASPARTATE, GINSENG, METHYL NICOTINE and CHITOSAN.

NATURALLY ITALIAN MADE: 100% SPORTS FORMULA, made with effective phyto-ingredients.

NOT including SLS, SLES, Parabens and Dyes.

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Apply on muscles 10-15 minutes before training and massage for complete absorption. For external use.

Data sheet

Specific CareTonificante
Effects and BenefitsTonifying
RatingNew Solution

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